POP Depression Homebrew #1003

Written by on April 26, 2022

Featured: Fontaines D.C., Monica Queen, Joep Beving, Poppy Ajudha, Ana & The Changes, ###, Majamisty Trio, Milena Jančurić, Seine, Širom, Velibor Nikolić, Bosque Sound Community…

Spiritualized – Best Thing You Never Had (The D Song)
The Smile – Free In The Knowledge
### – Negativ cvijeće
Viagra Boys – Ain’t No Thief
Velibor Nikolić – Kraljica Žetve
Širom – I Unveil a Peppercorn to See It Vanish
Majamisty Trio – Long Embrace
Seine – Sličnost
Bosque Sound Community – Moon Child
Milena Jančurić & Petar Radmilović – Memories
Ana & The Changes – Tu (Marco Grabber Remix)
Say She She & Piya Malik – Forget Me Not
Banks – I Still Love You
Supershy – Happy Music
Vince Staples – WHEN SPARKS FLY
James Blake – Pick Me Up
Joep Beving – Last Dance
Fontaines D.C. – Big Shot
Poppy Ajudha – FALL TOGETHER
Ghost Power – Asteroid Witch
Sarah MK – MITTOS (Make It To The Other Side)
Belief (Boom Bip & Stella Mozgawa) – Ulu
Jerry Paper – Flower, A Square
Faye Webster – Car Therapy
Kurt Vile – Chazzy Don’t Mind
Neko Case – Oh, Shadowless
Monica Queen – I Gave You Love

“Pop Depresija” je na programu srijedom u 21h, vodi i uređuje Ivan Lončarević!

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